in pursuit of dog happiness

discovering how to develop an amazing bond with your dog using positive mental attitude and reinforcement

Do you speak dog

We ask a lot from our little furry friends. We expect them to understand our language, our words, and react as would any other humans. What we forget is that they are not humans and they have their own language.

Learn its meaning and you will understand much better your dog and how to live together in harmony.

Enjoying a happy life together

dog counseling

We offer dog counseling services to help you solve behavior problems, help your dog to adapt better in our human world. Our methodology is to work hand in hands with the dog and the owner so you will both grow from the experience and know each other better. We use force-free positive techniques based on the latest science research in the animal behavior field.

We are based near Eindhoven, in the Netherlands and we offer home visits in North Brabant, Amsterdam, Utrecht, 's-Hertogenbosch and other areas of the Netherlands.