Veronica A. Taborga

Change emotions to change behavior

Eli found me first, he adopted me wagging his tail and conquered my heart just by his sight. I thought i knew what to be alive meant, but he does better, he lives in the NOW... I’m in the process of learning ‘The NOW’ :)

Then Patch adopted us all, with his big smile, who says dogs don’t have expressions, they just cannot read dog.

Sharing moments of reflection, some while ago after assuming things should be like I heard they had to be, after realizing things are simply easier as they were showing them to me, that was a 24/7 work of inner growth, often with some misunderstood and mistaken for stubbornness or worst.

I got doggily inside me long time ago, really long time ago.

My dogs are my masters, and the feeling of copying them I think is the way I’m gonna do this, I can, I am, I’m gonna be as stubborn as they are with me to make you understand the way of your loved furry, for paws brothers and sisters, communicate and create positive bonding and a real sweet home for all the family, humans and dogs.

Always learning

I'm always looking to learn more about dog behavior and training technics. I had the chance to travel in Europe and the United States where I met a lot of great scientists and animal behavior experts.
A Different View of Mantrailing
by Monique De Roeck
ABMA Conference 2014 (Animal Behavior Management Alliance)
by Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Dr. Sophia Yin, Dr. Robert (Bob) Bailey, Steve Martin, Dr. Susan Friedman, Heidi Hellmuth...
Advanced dog training
by Ken Ramirez
Animal Behavior and Dog Training clinic
by Monique De Roeck
APDT Conference 2013 (Association of Professional Dog Trainers)
by Ken McCort, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Colleen Pelar, Veronica Boutelle, Malena DeMartini Price, Denise Fenzi, Simon Gadbois, Nicole Wilde, Brian Hare, Ken Ramirez...
APDT Conference 2014 (Association of Professional Dog Trainers)
by Patricia McConnell, Ray Coppinger, Clive Wynne, Sue Sternberg, Robin Bennett, Risë VanFleet, Gail Fisher, Emma Parson, Dr. Susan Friedman, Ken McCort...
Canine Actions & Reactions Seminar
by Turid Rugaas and Agnes Vælidalo
CARAT 1.1 (Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool) “looking for the gem in every individual”
by Suzanne Clothier
CARAT 1.2 (Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool) “looking for the gem in every individual”
by Suzanne Clothier
Clicker Expo Conference 2014 - San Diego
by Karen Pryor, Ken Ramirez, Kathy Sdao, Michele Pouliot, Irith Bloom, Alexandra Kurland, Peggy Hogan...
Common Sense, Crucial & Cutting –Edge Concepts in Dog Training
by Dr. Ian Dunbar
Dog Trainers workshop 2017
by Monique De Roeck
Dog-Dog Group Dynamics, Healthy Interaction vs. Aggression.
by Sue Sternberg
Dogevent Conference 2015 - Paris
by Ken Ramirez, Susan Friedman, Chirag Patel, Kathy Sdao ...
Fearful and reactive dogs
by Angela Rohloff
PDTE AGM 2015 (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe)
by Turid Rugaas, Prof. Dr. Martin S. Fischer, Karen Webb, Winkie Spiers, Anne Lill Kvam ...
PDTE AGM 2016 (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe)
by Turid Rugaas, Anne Lill Kvam, Julia Robertson, Karen Webb, Winkie Spiers, Veronica Taborga ..
Positive training: Raising wolf and dog puppies with foresight and compassion. Wolf Park
by Beth Duman
Puppy training & Separation anxiety
by Chirag Patel
Reactive dogs
by Monique De Roeck
Reactive Dogs following Kim Moller methodology
by Virginia Gallego
Tellington Touch 1.1
by Linda Tellington-Jones
The Physical Dog Seminar
by Suzanne Clothier
Working With Fearful, Anxious & Reactive Dogs.
by Suzanne Clothier