Adult Dog Training

from 2 years and older

Group classes of max 5 dogs

Classes in English

What's the program ?
  • Teaching your dog to listen to you
  • Teaching your dog to be calm and relax
  • Impulse control and polite greetings
  • Loose leash walking.
  • Teach your dog to come 
  • Cooperation
  • Trust & Choice
  • Handling
  • Tricks & fun
  • and more!
How it works?

Groups of max 5 dogs, so you get all the attention you need.

Join any time. Follow at your own pace.

8 weeks class, once or twice a week, 1 hour each session. 

Our training center in Deurne, close to Eindhoven. (see map)


  • 1 time per week (8 sessions) : 240 Euros. (Single session at 35 euros)
  • 2 times per week (16 sessions) : 320 Euros 


  • You have 10 weeks to use all your sessions, so it gives you flexibility in case you cannot attend some days.
  • If your dog has some behaviour issues, specially reactivity, make sure to inform us beforehand.