The link between the dog's brain and the dog's response

Monique de Roeck

3 days seminar and workshop with the dogs of the shelter Refugio el Arca de Noé in Albacete, Spain.

This seminar is created to give people tools to get an individual picture and detailed profile of the individual dog in combination with the genetics, emotions, history, environmental influences etc.

It is about understanding the dogs behavior and finding the reason for the dogs response.
Identifying specific body postures of the dog that gives you information about the dogs arousal level.

When you can see the link between the dog’s brain and dog’s response, you will be able to map the possible impact, the possible options, what the eventual risks are in particular situations or in general, how a specific stimulus can effect different dogs in different ways etc.

It will add a lot to work with towards possible solutions and to understand what is the cause versus the function for the dogs behavior and what could be the reason or the risk that the dog is/or becomes a potential danger in specific situations or in general.

It will help you :
- understand why the dog is offering a specific behavior (or not), what his preferences and eventual patterns are.
- to make a match for success so that the right dog matches with the right person and/or the right job and which dog (or puppy) could be a good fit for that specific family etc.

This program is very instructive, useful and valuable for :
- Trainers, instructors
- Shelter/Rescue Personnel and Volunteers
- Competitors and Handlers
- Veterinarians and Vet Assistants
- Behaviorists and Ethologists
- Breeders

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220 Euros

The price includes coffee breaks


Albacete, Spain

The workshop will be held at the
Rescue El Arca de Noe
The theory sessions at the
Hotel Universidad


Friday October 14th 2016
Saturday October 15th 2016
Sunday October 16th 2016


English with Spanish translation

Limited space

Monique de Roeck

Monique De Roeck was born and raised in Belgium. She has been working in the field of dog training for over 25 years. Monique regularly shares her expertise with dog trainers, pet dog owners, professional handlers, veterinarians, ethologists and behaviorists in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain. Past seminar topics include: assistance dog training, scent discrimination, tracking and search and rescue for professional working dogs; aggression, resolving communication issues during training, finding solutions to problems during training exercises and instructor courses for other training enthusiasts and instructors.
Monique also developed a number of successful programs for shelters/rescue and shelter staff what means a lot of added value for the dogs and their future owners as well.

Monique’s experience as a trainer include training professional working dog’s for professional handlers in the fields of law enforcement, military and conservation. One of her most recent projects included training dogs for the government of Catalunya, Spain to assist them with their conservation efforts to relocate wolves and bears away from populated areas into more remote locations. In addition, she has worked with pet dog owners, trainers and behaviorists to help solve behavior problems. She is recognized as one of Europe’s best experts in working with dog’s exhibiting aggression issues. Her instructor training programs have been well attended and have produced many professional trainers over the years.