Teen Dog Training Class in English
Teach your teenager dog (8-24 months) the life skills and manners for a well behaved and happy dog.
Max the husky and Jula the beagle
Surviving your dog's puberty!
As your dog becomes an adolescent (6-8 months), he/she will seem to have forgotten all about his puppy lessons. In our class we will provide the tools and help you and your dog thrive in this turbulent period.
  • Get you dog to listen to you, even when there are distractions
  • Learn good manners in daily life : greeting, playing ..
  • Be calm and relaxed around other dogs and people
  • Build your dog confidence around other dogs and humans
  • Learn how to address and prevent common behavior problems : Jumping, chewing, pulling on leash, barking .. 
  • Learn how to obtain the behaviour you want from your dog with respect and cooperation
  • Build a wonderful relationship with your dog
Phoebe poodle
Good dog training is more than just obedience
For your dog to become well-behaved, confident and happy, it is important to teach him/her the right life skills. In the class besides strengthening basic manners we will give you the tools to help your dog grow with confidence
  • Recalls
    Come when called - quickly and reliably
  • Loose leash walking
    Walking nicely on a leash (without pulling)
  • Heel on/off leash
    Keeping your dog on your side, either left or right, when convenient.
  • Confidence & Trust
    Building your dog's confidence and trust through a variety of activities.
  • Self control
    Stay calm and quiet even with other dogs or people around
  • Say “hello” politely
    Crossing people or other dogs, let’s ask our dog to be polite
  • High Distraction
    Keeping your dog focused on you or the work with distractions around.
  • Fun & tricks
    Let’s have some more fun teaching your dogs some tricks : Bring it, Leave it, Walk Backwards...
parson terrier dog training
Come every week for a fun and educational class
  • Training is done through a variety of fun exercises for the dogs and the humans
  • Positive reinforcement reward based training philosophy
  • Classes are kept small (max 5 dogs) to ensure individual attention.
  • Time for questions during and at the end of the class 
  • Classes are in English and 80% of attendees are expats
australian shepherd dog training
Indoor and outdoor facility for every season
  • Beautiful outdoor park of 4000m2 surrounded by forests and the nature
  • At the entrance of the protected natural park Deurnese Peel
  • Indoor space for the rainy and cold days
  • Lots of equipment for dog training and agility exercises

The center is located 30 minutes drive from Eindhoven. See map

If you cannot come to the center, you can also take private training classes at your house. 

Class information

When to join ?
Our classes are setup as Open enrollment, so you can join anytime as long as there is a free spot.

8 weeks class, 1 hour each session. 

In our training center in Deurne (view map)

Class time
We open new groups based on the demand and the availability of the attendees. We currently have some groups on :

  • Wednesday at 18:00
  • Thursday at 18:00
  • Saturday at 10:00 and 11:30

We can open new classes at different times if we have enough dogs. If those times don't fit you, please contact us to check other possibilities


240 Euros (8 sessions)

Set your dog on the path to success to be happy and well mannered

What our clients say

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