Puppy training school

8 weeks puppy training group classes

  • Classes for puppies from 2 to 8 months
  • Lots of toys / Lots of treats (Positive and force-free methods)
  • Instructor is Chief of Dog Happiness (Professional and certified dog trainer)
  • Classes in English and Dog Language (ESL for puppies)
Why go to puppy classes?
For socialization and fun! Getting a puppy is really exciting but can be also overwhelming, even if it is not your first dog, as every one of them is an individual. Puppy education provides the opportunity to make the most of each pup’s potential, to build skills in an early stage of their development, creating a toolbox for you and your dog that it would help to face new challenges for the coming years. Socialization is good for everyone. Some puppies need more help during this period than others but new experiences are valuable for all puppies.
Puppy classes at Doggily
Our end goal is all about building positive relationships between you and your dog so you understand each other and enjoy life together.

The goal of the puppy class is to give your dog a good foundation so that he can develop into a dog that lives with confidence. That is why the course focuses on socializing, mental stimulation (science-based methods) and learning basic cues in a playful way, making learning easy, enjoyable and effective!

Our classes are small with a maximum of 8 puppies per class, which means that you get individual coaching and your puppy is better able to concentrate and focus.

Our puppy training programs includes 8 sessions of 50 minutes each
80% of a dog’s behavior is based on the experiences during puppyhood
Class information

When to join ?

The earlier you start your training, the easier it will be! 
In group classes, puppies typically join a week after their second injection, so we offer classes for puppies from 8 weeks up to 8 months. Our classes are setup as Open enrollment, so you can join anytime as long as there is a free spot. We take a maximum of 8 puppies per class.


In our training center in Deurne (view on map)

Class time

  • Small/medium breeds : Saturday at 11am
  • Big breeds : Saturday at 3pm


Option 1 : 8 group classes

 130 Euros

Option 2 : 8 group classes & 2 private sessions at your home

 250 Euros

Hi! I'm veronica
I’m an animal behaviorist and dog trainer, my aim is to build good relationships to achieve results using positive and force free methods. I discovered this field thanks to my own dogs who challenged me with their own fears, anxieties and even reactivity. Every new dog I work with is an opportunity to understand them deeper. I constantly keep learning by attending seminars around the world and reading tons of books about behavior, neuroscience and any topics that can help me get a little closer to them.