Puppy Training in English near Eindhoven
Socialize your puppy and help him/her grow into a perfect family member in a fun and positive way.
Puppy training Yorkshire Terrier
Set your puppy and family for success
Puppy Training provides early education, introduced in a fun and family friendly way.
  • Safely socialize your puppy so they don’t become wary or fearful later
  • Build your dog confidence around other dogs and humans
  • Learn how to address and prevent common puppy behavior and temperament problems such as puppy biting, jumping up, and pulling on leash.
  • Learn how to obtain the behaviour you want from your puppy with respect and cooperation
  • Build a wonderful and benevolent relationship with your puppy
Puppy Training Munsterlander
Learn the foundation skills
Puppy education provides the opportunity to make the most of each dog's potential, to build skills in an early stage of their development, creating a toolbox for you and your dog that it would help to face new challenges for the coming years.
  • Basic manners : Teaching some basic cues that will be essential for managing many situations : Sit, Down, Stand
  • Recalls : Getting your dog to come to you when you call him, no matter how far away he is
  • Handling : Learning how to handle and avoid mouthing and puppy biting
  • Husbandry : Working on some behaviours that will be useful during a veterinary visit or to give care to your dog.
  • Heel on/off leash : Keeping your dog on your side, either left or right, when convenient.
  • Say “hello” politely : Crossing people or other dogs, let’s start asking our puppy to be polite
  • High Distraction : Keeping your dog focused on you or the work with distractions around.
  • Puppy tricks : Let’s have some more fun teaching your dogs some tricks, agility exercise and brain games.
80% of a dog’s behavior is based on the experiences during puppyhood
Puppy Training Sarloos Wolfdog
Come every week for a fun and educational class
  • 8 sessions of 50 minutes each
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Training is done through a variety of fun exercises for the dogs and the humans
  • Classes are kept small to ensure individual attention. (maximum 6 puppies)
  • Time for questions during and at the end of the class 
  • Classes are in English and 80% of attendees are expats
Puppy Training Golden Retriever
Indoor and outdoor facility for every season
  • Beautiful outdoor park of 4000m2 surrounded by forests and the nature
  • At the entrance of the protected natural park Deurnese Peel
  • Indoor space for the rainy and cold days
  • Lots of equipment for dog training and agility exercises

The center is located in Deurne, 30 minutes drive from Eindhoven. See map

If you cannot come to the center, we also offer private puppy training sessions at your house.

Class information

When to join ?
The earlier you start your training, the easier it will be! 
In group classes, puppies typically join a week after their second injection, so we offer classes for puppies from 8 weeks up to 8 months. 
Our classes are setup as Open enrollment, so you can join anytime as long as there is a free spot.

In our training center in Deurne (view map)


180 Euros (Includes 8 sessions of 50 minutes)

Class time
Once you register we will check with you to find the best suitable time for you and your puppy. We try to match puppies together based on size, age and temperament, so they get the most of the training. 

We have classes :

  • Monday at 19:00
  • Saturday at 8:30
  • Sunday at 9:00
Start your puppy off on their journey to become a well mannered dog!

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